Sell Faster with Virtual Try-Ons.

Euphoria uses AR to help your customers try on your products virtually before buying to increase buyer confidence and reduce returns.

One Platform, Multiple Channels

Our solution is a growth engine that integrates with all your customer channels on your website and social media.

Increase conversion

AR has been proven to increase conversion rates for online shoppers by over 94%

Instead of showing customers a simple product catalog, you can make their shopping experience more engaging by adding a 'try-on' feature so they get to experience the product before buying.

Reduce Returns Rates

Poor Fit is the number one reason for returns among apparel shoppers.

With Virtual try-on, your customers can now make assured purchase decisions as they get to experience what it feels like to own a product before they even pay for it.

This reduces return rates by up to 25%

AR you ready?

Deploy Virtual try-on experiences for your products and offer a next-generation shopping experience for your customers

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